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AI Solution Offerings

Harness the power of advanced AI by integrating Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) into your business ecosystem. Transform your data into a knowledgeable asset, driving intelligent interactions and on-demand insights.

Are these scenarios familiar?

Struggling to extract value and insights from your data without costly and time-consuming development

Seeking a 24/7 expert system to answer intricate data-based queries

Need for transparency in AI-driven responses to trust the intelligence

AI solutions overview

Our solutions can empower you to drive intelligent interactions by engaging with an AI chatbot that operates as the subject matter expert of your business.

With observability features, you’ll be able to understand your AI's "chain of thought" and gain confidence in its responses, while a robust data platform ensures your AI models leverage the most current and relevant data.

AI advisory and strategy

Ollion will collaborate with your technical and business teams to plan, teach and counsel on how to optimize AI by expanding your current stack. This is accomplished through a four-week series of workshops that provide your business with a successful road map.

Clarify your vision

We shape and crystallize your vision, and then share it across your organization.

Build your AI policies

In a visioning workshop, we set the foundation of your guiding principles toward AI that can adapt as the technology continues to evolve.

Chart your course

Plan and budget the path to achieving your vision, anticipating likely challenges and risks.

Encourage change

Manage the people and process changes that build success.

Educate your staff

We host training workshops with your AI Champions to continue education and collaboration after the engagement.

Drive AI adoption

We deliver a custom AI solution catered to your team’s unique needs.

Foundational AI platform

We support automated integration and preparation of your business’s data to maximize the capabilities of your AI solution. Extend your existing data platform by adding in AI and RAG tools to expose the full power of your data.



Strengthen your existing data platforms to support advanced AI functionalities.


Automate the aggregation and preparation of your business data to fully leverage AI.


Develop a robust foundational AI platform tailored to your specific business needs.


Create a blueprint for adopting AI that will serve as a foundation for all future AI initiatives.



Seamlessly integrate generative AI into your business’s core operations.


Equip your team with the knowledge to utilize the full potential of your AI platform.

RAG use case feasibility assessment

Determine the potential and viability of RAG for your specific needs. Ollion will work with client executives for an intensive two-week period to hold AI vision workshops, evaluating the maturity of the existing data platform as it pertains to AI RAG use cases and aligning AI ambitions with business strategy.

Data maturity evaluation

Scrutinize the readiness of your data infrastructure to support robust AI solutions.

Tailored use-case discovery

Pinpoint AI use cases that align with your organizational goals and capabilities.

Viability assessment

Outline potential risks and rewards of specific AI use cases.

Investment roadmap

Provide a clear cost assessment and timeline, ensuring a strategic approach to budgeting for your AI journey.

AI-powered chatbot

Transform your data into an ever-ready SME, enhancing user interactions and data-driven decision-making.

Interactive AI experience

Deploy an AI-powered chatbot to serve as a subject matter expert, always on hand to enhance user interactions.

Data-driven insights

Utilize your data to inform decisions, with the chatbot providing real-time analysis and recommendations.

Custom dialogue design

Create a tailored conversation flow to meet the unique needs of your users and business objectives.

User engagement analytics

Equip your team with the knowledge to utilize the full potential of your AI platform.

Continuous learning

Equip your chatbot with machine learning capabilities to improve its interactions over time.

Seamless integration

Integrate the chatbot into your existing digital platforms for a unified user experience.

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