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Cloud compliance & governance

Stay the barbarians at the gate.

Traditionally, cloud compliance and governance have been viewed as impediments to volition and blockers to deployments. At Ollion, we turn this relationship on its head, placing easy-to-understand compliance controls at the front of your cloud journey and turning demonstrable governance into business differentiation.

Staying on the proper side of rules and regulation

Governance and compliance are paramount in today's complex business landscape, serving as the bedrock of organizational stability and ethical conduct. The importance of these principles extends across industries and geographical boundaries, but their specific contours are molded by the unique dynamics of each sector and region.

How we help

Unite the traditionally opposing forces of developer velocity and compliance/assurance by turning contextual compliance obligations into engineering requirements encoded into your engineering workflows.

Empower teams with cloud compliance assurance.

Empower your cloud engineering and operations teams with multi-cloud self-testing release and deployment workflows and deployment artifacts that embed and assure ongoing runtime compliance.

Stance not only enables you to build dynamic multi-cloud workflows in line with your risk management framework, but it also discovers and suggests regulations and standards relevant to your business and geographical nuances. It then provides you with an easy way to add these to your compliance graph as self-mapping, actionable controls.

"It takes less time to do things right than to explain why you did it wrong."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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