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Making a Difference

Our People

Businesses in our line of work are known for big promises. That’s great – we’re thinking big, too.

But while they’re off revolutionizing this and transforming that, we’re focused on solving the kind of challenges you can actually put a name to.


Ollion is the enterprise tech consultancy that’s all in on your future. Uniting organizations around a common goal and growing from there. And making change that lasts.

Peter Wright

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Wright subscribes to the vision of harnessing technology to ride the waves of disruption without ever losing sight of the people who will be impacted.

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Ute Braasch

Chief People & Culture Officer

Ute Braasch is a passionate developer of people and firmly believes that teams with diverse backgrounds, skills and ideas are essential to boldly face challenges and seize a greater variety of opportunities.

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Lauren Dettloff

Chief Marketing & Growth Officer

Lauren Dettloff is always up for high-growth mandates and won’t back down from complex transformations.

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Annette Memishofski

Managing Director, Data Insights Practice

Annette Memishofski prides herself in making impactful and informed decisions as she focuses on increasing market share and driving team members toward greater success.

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Vishal Parpia

Chief Digital Officer

Vishal Parpia is a geek at heart, and when given the choice between the traditional path and the unexplored unknown, he always chooses the latter.

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Brian Gilmartin

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Gilmartin thrives on collaborating with entrepreneurs and forward-thinking businesses, helping them stay focused on their main goal: business growth.

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Brandon Pierce

Managing Director, Engineering Services

Brandon Pierce thrives in helping colleagues to evolve and develop during times of exponential growth, be they a small number of engineers or a global team with diverse capabilities.

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Ben Steward

Managing Director, Cloud Solutions, North America

Ben Steward is on a relentless drive toward the intersection of business and technology in an effort to define and deliver meaningful qualitative and tangible quantitative organizational value.

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Jordan Windebank

Managing Director, Asia Pacific

Jordan Windebank’s driving force is his belief in the transformative power of technology, particularly when it leads to automation that eradicates inefficiencies and fuels creativity within large-scale organizations.

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