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We are building the future of a global born-in-the-cloud enterprise tech consultancy firm where bold, ambitious, curious and empathetic people like you can "Multiply Your Potential." If you are looking to break out from the confines of traditional domains and hierarchies, for a purposeful ownership, we might just have the right opportunity for you!

Join the Ollion Team

People Over Product

Making an impact

We are building the future of a global born-in-the-cloud enterprise tech consultancy firm where bold, ambitious, curious and empathetic people like you can "Multiply Your Potential." If you are looking to break out from the confines of traditional domains and hierarchies, for a purposeful ownership, we might just have the right opportunity for you!

Why work at Ollion?

Multiply your potential

A career with Ollion provides a dynamic environment where you have the freedom to shape your path toward achieving both your career and life aspirations.

Our core philosophy revolves around offering flexibility and choice in every aspect of work and life, empowering you to take control and truly multiply your potential.

Create impact

Being small yet global provides room for you to grow and create purpose-driven impact. While terms like "cool," "global" and "large enterprise" describe some of our clients, your work here will be defined by attributes like "transformational," "strategic" and "fearlessly innovative."

Multiply your opportunity to do something greater than yourself, to leave a legacy.

Learn and grow

Our "learn whenever, wherever" approach breaks the chains on learning and growth. We encourage bold, tech-agnostic thinking that focuses on results. This cultivates extensive knowledge and expertise, resulting in problem-solving and meaningful impact.

We embrace learning and growing through action.

Experience great culture

Our culture combines the excitement of a startup environment with the stability of a well-established, long-term strategic investor, supported by scaled and global infrastructure. The born-in-the-cloud DNA of our team fuels our culture, thinking, agility and pace.

Putting humans at the core nurtures us to "Be generous." Our people are characterized by a blend of fun, genuine friendliness and a spirit of generosity.

Be your whole self

At Ollion you are not a number.

We champion workplace flexibility and choice in the way we work (when, where and how). This enables our people to prioritize whole-person well-being and to be their best selves, all while maintaining high performance levels at work.

Why join Ollion

With our head in the cloud and feet on the ground, we go boldly where many have tried but failed. This requires courage of a different kind. Our courage stems from our strengths that make us audaciously ambitious.

We are audacious because we have solved a great many problems for our clients with creativity and empathy. We are ambitious because we did not want to do a thing just like the other thing.

We want to break out from the old and do the new. The opportunity at hand is big. It cannot be done by a few, working alone. We do it together, collaboratively, as a motley team of talented folks, tech natives, problem solvers, creators, managers and supporters who come together with one unified vision to fulfill – born-in-the-cloud, tech-led, new age consultancy. It's the common purpose to "multiply humanity’s potential" that helps us dream bigger and achieve more, as individuals and as a collective. For when we do, we not only help our clients, we also multiply our own potential. This is Ollion. This is how we are.

What we offer

At the core of what we offer is "flexibility" and "choice."

Competitive compensation

Our compensation and benefits philosophy goes beyond the monetary values you can attach to a particular initiative. It is holistic and flexible, allowing you to tailor it to what works for you.

Performance-based rewards

Our performance-based pay structure provides opportunities to earn annual bonuses, profit sharing and stock options based on individual and team achievements.

Flexibility and choice in benefits

Globally, our benefit plans offer choices for whatever stage in life our employees are in and allow for flexibility as life happens. Employees have access to a fully comprehensive benefits package to choose medical, dental and vision insurance plans.

Health and wellness

We offer all employees mental health resources and additional wellness programs. We are also big on competition, so wellness competitions are a fun way to encourage our teams to take time for their own health and wellbeing. Fun at work with contests, events, offsites and other festivities are favorites here.

Remote working

We offer full remote working with opportunities to meet and collaborate in person.

A unique culture

Our culture combines the best of both worlds – exciting start-up environment with the stability of a long-term strategic investor, supported by scaled, global infrastructure. Diversity: We embrace diversity of views and experiences, bringing together individuals of multiple nationalities, genders, cultures, talents, skills and leadership styles to collaborate effectively. The whole draws its power from each.

DE&I in recruitment practice

One of our cultural keystones, "find the angle," recognizes that every individual has different aspirations and needs and brings a unique perspective. We value diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) as core to our success. We believe that a diverse workforce brings together unique perspectives, experiences and ideas, leading to innovation, creativity and better outcomes for our clients and our organization. We are on a journey and are committed to building a workplace that celebrates and respects individuals from all backgrounds, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability and cultural heritage. To name a few, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in our:

Recruitment and hiring practices

We actively seek out candidates from underrepresented groups and provide equal opportunities for growth and advancement.

Focus on choice in our benefits

Fully remote, leave policies, flexible benefits to attract and retain DE&I candidates. Awareness and sensitisation programs: We encourage open dialogue, active listening and mutual respect, creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone to contribute their unique perspectives and ideas.

Dedicated efforts to building diverse teams

We leverage the strength of our differences to tackle complex challenges and drive innovation. By embracing diversity, we broaden our collective knowledge, enhance problem-solving capabilities and unlock limitless potential for our employees.

Behind every successful project we deliver, it is our people who step up to the challenge and come up with creative solutions to redefine what’s possible. The work we do – transforming a truly inspirational group of clients – provides both incredible opportunities for personal growth as well as a chance to leave a legacy and shape the future of the industry.



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