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Who we are.

Progress matters more than process. Our global team of cloud-native pros is all about creating new and better ways to work—not just by solving your tech challenges, but by using technology to solve your business challenges. We keep the formulas, frameworks, and ten-point plans to a minimum, tackling your most pressing problems with a proprietary mix of good-old-fashioned ingenuity and refreshing humanity.

We are Ollion

At Ollion, we have connected companies and capabilities around the world to help ambitious organizations make the most of their transformation, achieving game-changing breakthroughs without losing sight of the people it will impact. We bring a unique point of view as a partner – an independent, straightforward perspective backed by a truly global team – client partners, sales, engineering, delivery and more.

Cultural Keystones

Open by default

We are open by default, championing transparency, bi-directional communication and authenticity. When in doubt, the default is to share rather than to hide.

Find the angle

Identify the different perspective, slightly riskier than the norm, find the point of difference.

Be generous

Driving a culture of mentorship starts with generously sharing your time and energy to empower and educate others.

Mandate to explore

Be curious, be bold, don’t be a jerk, always be learning and share what you learn.

“The digital transformation coming to the professional services industry is long overdue. No one wants a 100-page strategy document dropped on their desk anymore – businesses want a partner who is accountable for outcomes. By combining strategy, tech and people disciplines, we use methods to test, refine and iterate ideas in a way that is pragmatic, visible and scalable.”

Peter Wright

Chief Executive Officer

People Over Product

Working at Ollion

We are building the future of a global born-in-the-cloud enterprise tech consultancy firm where bold, ambitious, curious and empathetic people like you can "Multiply Your Potential." If you're looking to break out from the confines of traditional domains and hierarchies, for a purposeful ownership, we might just have the right opportunity for you!