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Ollion and Microsoft Azure

Build Solutions that Adapt for Tomorrow.

At Ollion, we believe in the power of a multi-cloud world. The dynamics of todays’ modern enterprises require the flexibility and modernization of choosing the right cloud for the right application / workload.

Empower your Business

Leverage on AI and ML to drive innovation and competitiveness in your industry.

Seamless integration

Azure's hybrid solutions enable a smooth and gradual transition to the cloud, making it a compelling choice for enterprises with diverse IT needs.

Unlock the power of Azure cloud

As a global Microsoft partner, we offer our clients the expertise necessary to migrate their Windows Server-centric data centers to an Azure cloud computing platform leveraging the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud to create new AI and data-driven app experiences, build cloud-native apps that run anywhere, and take advantage of the rich Microsoft environment.

Partnering with Ollion and Microsoft offers a combination of global infrastructure, technical capabilities, security and innovation that can help organizations thrive in today’s cloud-first landscape.

The integrated path

Microsoft's cloud computing platform offers an integrated ecosystem with hybrid capabilities. This allows businesses to seamlessly connect and manage resources across on-premises data centers and the cloud.

Beyond that, combining our internal security capabilities together with Azure's comprehensive suite of security features – including identity and access management, encryption, threat detection, and compliance certifications – these security measures bolster data protection and regulatory compliance.

By migrating to a cloud platform, EMA is able to optimize their workloads with flexibility to scale. The time saved from certain automatic functions such as backup and patching allows the company to spend more time in innovation. In addition to the enhanced security available on the platform, migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud on GCC allows EMA to further protect their data with leading ICT capabilities that are augmented by robust cybersecurity measures and systems. Being a statutory board, it is also important for EMA to ensure that compliance requirements are met in which Microsoft Azure Cloud have specialized offerings aligned with the regulations. The single screen also allows users to easily manage and monitor their IT infrastructure.

Wong Chee,

Assistant Director of IT Infrastructure, Energy Market Authority


Tailored cloud journey

Every engagement is unique. Our cloud transformation framework and methodology ensures the quality, consistency and completeness of the engagement. We understand there is a balance among innovation, self-sufficiency, risk and cost.

Together with Microsoft, we collaborate with you to outline your unique cloud journey and tailor services to meet your business and IT objectives.

Ready to begin your business transformation?