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cloud cost management

Cloud Cost Management

Control your cloud, or it will control you.

The double-edged sword for cloud platforms is the speed and scale with which companies can launch new resources to drive business initiatives. The challenge becomes managing budgets without slowing down innovation. Ollion can help you plan, govern and optimize cloud consumption (and therefore costs). When combined with engineering services, we can execute this plan on your behalf, allowing you to focus on driving value to your business.

Mastering cloud cost management

The constant pressure for organizations to control costs across their cloud environments is ever-present and requires a concerted effort. Many organizations lack the skills, tools and knowledge to drive the cultural discipline of making informed cloud cost decisions. Failure to do so will not only lead to budget overruns, but can result in future cloud initiatives being put on hold.

To ensure your company takes full advantage of the cloud, you must factor cloud cost management into your transformation journey.

How we help

Ollion takes a holistic approach to cloud cost management and follows the FinOps Foundation Principles to ensure your cloud environments run as efficiently as possible.

Our experienced data scientists and architects use our proprietary Innovation Scoring system to help you identify opportunities for optimization and modernization in a data-driven way. We tailor our recommendations and optimization engine for you to take control of your cloud spend using the following optimization process.

Cloud cost management services

  • Identify business needs and priorities
  • Ingest cloud cost and application data
  • Score each business unit and its applications
  • Determine best course of action

Key Benefits

What is cloud cost management?

Cloud cost management utilizes the principles of the evolving cultural practice of FinOps to help your organization instill governance and discipline around cloud usage.

Our proven methodology is a prescriptive model of actions, best practices and iterative process improvement to managing your cloud costs. In turn, it allows your entire organization to gain visibility on how their cloud utilization decisions impact the business, allowing everyone to make informed decisions and appropriate tradeoffs to meet budgetary pressure.

"80% of organizations will overshoot their IaaS budget due to lack of cloud cost optimization governance, and misguided upfront cloud spend commitments."

Gartner – "How to Identify Solutions for Managing Costs in Public Cloud IaaS"

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