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Application Modernization

New application location – same application limitation.

Concepts like microservices, containers, orchestrators, immutable infrastructure and auto scaling were not in your design lexicon when you built your application for an on-premise existence. In essence, your application was not built cloud-native. Optimizing for a cloud world necessitates the right skills, methods and tools to determine the proper strategy to meet your business objective.

Lead with empathy, prioritize education and empower our clients.

There truly is an art to modernization. It may not be seen, but it can be experienced. At Ollion, we lead with empathy, prioritize education, and empower you and your customers to multiply your potential.

The unique perspective we offer on cloud transformational engagements is the result of the conscientious formation of cross-functional teams of expert consultants informed by the specific needs of our clients. This team of cloud strategists will walk hand in hand with you for your entire journey to the cloud and beyond.

Many development paths, one destination: innovation

Upgrading an application that is already operating in production is a painstaking process, and sometimes the risk isn't worth the potential reward. Together, we’ll help determine the equation that balances technology innovation with business practicality.

On the journey to innovation, we constantly automate and improve systems and processes so by the time the job is done, you have a cutting-edge app and the means to keep it that way.

Unlocking business advantages

Application modernization will increase your speed to market, improve your total cost of ownership (TCO) and deliver enhanced user experiences.

IT leaders recognize the imperative to modernize their legacy applications, citing the primary drivers as reducing their time to market, technical debt and operating costs (2022 Pulse Survey).

"Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency."

Bill Gates

How we help

Ollion’s approach to modernization is to work alongside you and your organization’s stakeholders to conduct an application rationalization assessment of your existing portfolio, identifying the applications you should keep, replace, retire or consolidate. We then develop and implement a modernization strategy that best meets your business needs.

App portfolio rationalization

Strategically identify all business applications across your organization and determining the right course of action for the best business outcomes.

AppMod assessment

Identify, inventory, assess, score and decide how to proceed with each application in your environment in a way that will best meet your modernization goals.

AppMod development

Leverage application modernization experts to help rearchitect, refactor and replatform your applications to reach your cloud-native and product goals faster.

DevOps transformation

Combine cultural philosophies, practices and tools to strengthen your organization’s ability to drive higher software delivery and organizational performance.

CI/CD pipeline development

Combine cultural philosophies, practices and tools to your organizations ability to drive higher software delivery and performance.

Database modernization

Convert underlying database(s) like Oracle and SQL Server to managed, open-source relational databases.

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