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Cloud engineering services

Velocity = displacement divided by time.

The rate of business innovation required to accelerate beyond your competition can be defined by the velocity at which you apply cloud-native technologies. In today’s cloud-native world, accelerating velocity requires a true partner. One who provides the expertise to support a wide range of cloud technologies and partners with you in achieving your goals.

Navigating cloud evolution with engineering services

The cloud is ever-changing, with new features and enhancements continually added by public cloud providers. As a result, you need an agile partner that can adapt and help you manage that continuous change from project to production.

At its core, engineering services provides access to a team of cloud experts with a broad skillset in cloud technologies, ranging from cloud platform themselves into containers, automation and more. This team is aligned to you throughout your cloud journey.

Support and expertise

In order to give you the peace of mind to know that we’re here when you need us, this team is backed by our 24/7 global support center providing exceptional response times and always-on availability. For issues this team is not able to resolve, your core team is always on-call to bring the most in-depth knowledge of your environment to the most challenging issues.

In addition to the core competency of our cloud architecture and engineering teams, we may supplement with additional capabilities from SMEs across our data and security specialties.

A program of ongoing innovation

Organized as a collaborative partnership, engineering services provides access to a highly skilled team of cloud engineers and architects. Your engineering services team helps identify and implement new services to assist in maintaining and improving the utilization, performance and adoption of cloud within your organization.

Our iterative process is designed to address your strategic organizational initiatives, allowing you to accelerate enablement, automation and transformation.

"Considering the problematic skill shortages that are pervasive across the IT industry, cloud-native modernization projects often fall short of expectations.

To improve the chance of success while reducing cost, complexity, and risk to the organization, IT decision makers should consider augmenting internal operations with third-party, outside expertise."

Enterprise Strategy Group

Our services

DevOps automation

Accelerate your software deployment into production.

Security management

Maintain secure environments and deploy third-party tools.

Disaster recovery planning

Implement and test disaster recovery environments.


Set up and govern a multi-account environment.

Cost optimization

Right-sizing, snapshot lifecycle management and family refreshes

Operations management

Scheduled maintenance, back-ups and restorations

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